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Do you own a statuesque Grodnertal or milliners model that in need of a new look? Perhaps this exquisite gown will be a perfect fit. Of silk faille that features a printed pattern of clover leaves and blossoms, the rich shade of this dress is difficult to describe -- shimmering khaki perhaps?
Details include lovely hand-sewn construction, delicate piping, leg o' mutton sleeves and lace accents.
In very good condition, showing normal wear and scattered delicate areas, this dress is suitable for wear by a doll who stands approximately 24-25" in height.

Measures: 7" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2” at cuff
7 1/4" Sleeve inseam length
5 1/2" Waist
20” From shoulder seam to hem.








Your big girls need clothing too, so here we have something for them in a cheerful red and white polka-dot Pinafore Dress. Of printed cotton in very crisp clean condition, it is well suited for your large early papier-mache examples such as a Greiner, or even a primitive, or one of a kind cloth could wear this piece. Pair it with a white cotton blouse for a beautiful look.
In very good condition and suitable for a doll that stands approximately 30-32" in height.

Measures: 15" neck opening
6 1/4” Shoulder width
8” Sleeve opening at shoulder
2 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
14" Waist
22” From shoulder seam to hem.









Cast your eyes upon this very interesting two-piece Ensemble in tan linen with chocolate brown accents that will make the right papier mache or china doll. The skirt features a lovely ruffle at the hemline and an embroidered, scalloped edge, while the bodice features contrasting decoraton at the waist, cuffs and collar.
In good condition exhibiting normal wear and a few tender areas on the waistband, it is suitable for wear by a doll who stands approximately 19" tall.

Measures: 9" neck opening
4 1/2” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 3” at cuff
5" Sleeve inseam length
4" Jacket length shoulder seam to hem
8 1/2" skirt waist
9 1/4” From waist seam to hem.









Lovely early Corset of polished cotton featuring exquisite construction details that include beautifully bound twill edges and brass grommets with the original lacings.
In very good, clean condition showing normal wear.

Great displayed in an early doll's trousseau.

Measures: 5 3/4" long overall
Cinched waist measures: 8"









Lovely handmade Coat of deep khaki, and very soft to the touch wool that was edged in lilac silk ribbon (tender areas) - a winning combination.
In good condition, it is suitable for wear by, or displayed in the trousseau of an early fashion or china doll who stands approximately 18-19" in height.

Measures: 4 1/2" neck opening
6” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2 3/4” at cuff
4 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
Ample waist
10” From shoulder seam to hem.









Sweet Kate Greenaway-style Dress of colorful cherry red printed cotton. Featuring four narrow tucks in front and a wide-ruffle at the hemline, the long sleeves and neckline are edged in fine ecru lace. Suitable for an approximately 10” early cloth or china doll.

Measures: 2-1/4" Neck opening
2-3/4” Shoulder width
2-3/4" Sleeve length
3” Sleeve opening at shoulders – 1-3/4" at cuff
7-7/8” From shoulder to hem.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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