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Lovely for its palette, design and luxurious soft feel, is a gorgeous printed cotton (possibly not vintage) Dress that your chinas will love. The paisley pattern is enhanced by off-white soutache to create a classic silhouette.
In excellent condition and suitable for wear by an early example who stands approximately 14-15" tall.

Measures: 6 1/2" neck opening
4” Shoulder width
2” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 3” at cuff
2" Sleeve inseam length
5 3/4" Waist
10 1/2 ” From shoulder seam to hem.









Darling cotton Dress featuring a printed pattern of grapes and leaves in deep plum (or concord grape). Details include lace at the pouf sleeves, a double-row at the neck opening, and hemline.
In very good condition and suitable for a doll approximately 12" in height.

Measures: 4 1/2" neck opening
3” Shoulder width
3” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 1 3/4” at cuff
1" Sleeve inseam length
Ample waist
8” From shoulder seam to hem.









Pair beautifully knitted, cream, heavy cotton Stockings - great for display in a trousseau and in very good condition.

Measures: 5" long x 2" wide at opening









Fabulous early Corset of coarse linen twill featuring exquisite construction details that include beautifully bound edges and brass grommets.
In good condition showing normal wear and scattered snags.
Great displayed in an early doll's trousseau.

Measures: 6 1/2" long overall
Cinched waist measures: 6 1/2"









Adorable light wool, two-piece Ensemble that features a beautiful palette. The ground, in softest apricot, features a printed pattern of colorful bows. Black silk ribbon (losses) edges the scallops of the hem upon the jacket, while rows of dark green wool tape accent the cuffs and hemline of the skirt.
The condition here is poor to fair due to areas of moth damage, but the piece could still be useful in a trousseau, or as a prototype.
Suitable for wear by an early doll who stands approximately 18" in height.

Measures: 5 1/2" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
4” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 3” at cuff
2 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
7" Skirt waist
12” From shoulder seam to hem.
8" Skirt waist seam to hem

Thank you, A.








Crisp white cotton two-piece ensemble featuring charming print in a Wedgwood blue color with matching trim in a Roman-key pattern around the cuffs of the long sleeves, comprising the constructed collar and edging the unusual scalloped hemline on the top piece and at hemline of skirt. In lovely condition, it is suitable for a large approximately
30-32” china, wax or papier mache doll.The buttons and button holes on the skirt and jacket conveniently attach the two pieces together.

Measures: 10" Neck opening
11-1/2” Shoulder width
8" Sleeve length
10” Sleeve opening at shoulders – 6-1/2" at cuff
22-1/2” Waist on Skirt
13-1/2” From waist to hem on skirt.









Wonderfully colorful, early, modified A-line Morning Coat in heavy cotton weave, featuring side pocket with two buttons and nine, silk-covered buttons down the front.
*Showing some wear. Suitable for approximately 17-18” early fashion, china or papier-mache.

Measures: 5” Neck opening
5-1/4” Shoulder width
3” Sleeve opening
14-3/4” From neckline to hem.









Constructed of wonderful, cocoa-brown, floral printed cotton, this Ensemble will certainly enhance the look of your early dolls, such as a brown-eyed china or papier-mache. The hand sewn creation would be very charming with a linen blouse worn under the jacket which features a constructed collar. Beautiful condition overall, and suitable for a doll of 18-19".

Measures: 5" Neck opening
6-1/2” Shoulder width
3-1/2” Sleeve opening
7-1/4” Waist
Skirt measures: 9-3/4” From waistband to hem.
Jacket measures: 5" from top of shoulder to hem.









Unusual “open” pinafore of hand-woven wool with turkey-red cross stitching over a creamy cotton loose fitting gown that features tiny pleats at the bodice, with an eyelet yoke and cuffs. Both pieces are decorated with cherry red ribbons and bows, and the pinafore ties in back with a silk ribbon with long streamers.  Suitable for an approximately 20-22” early china, wooden, papier mache or wax doll. A very extraordinary piece in excellent condition.

Measures: 8-1/2" Square neck opening
6-1/4” Shoulder width
5" Sleeve length
6” Sleeve opening at shoulders – 4-1/4" at cuff
Ample waist on Under-Dress
13-1/2” Waist on Wrap
17-1/2” From shoulder to hem on Under-Dress.
23” From shoulder to hem on Wrap.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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