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Carmel Doll Shop was founded in 1989 in the village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, by antiques dealers Michael Canadas and David Robinson.
Over the years the shop has become known for stocking high-quality merchandise in a beautiful, imaginative setting.

Special emphasis is always placed on attractive display, because we feel a visit to
Carmel Doll Shop should be an inspiration to collectors.

It is also our sincere wish to convey that magical atmosphere here, on our web site.

In 2009, Michael and David purchased an old building in neighboring Pacific Grove and set about restoring it for the eventual new home of their business. That restoration project was finished recently, and a move to Pacific Grove has been completed.

May we present...

...the new home of Carmel Doll Shop - The Angwin Building,
historically significant in Pacific Grove, California, since 1902.

Pacific Grove was founded in 1875, as a Methodist retreat, modeled after one located in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. In time, the butterflies, fragrant pines and fresh sea air brought others to the Pacific Grove Retreat to rest and meditate.

Just one of the handful of small towns that make up the Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove bills itself as "America's Last Hometown" and is a place like no other.

It was slightly over two years ago that we, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, purchased the Angwin Building, and since that time, it has undergone an extensive restoration.
Every surface in the building is new. The electrical system is entirely new, as is the plumbing system. Because our new location is so close to the cold waters of Monterey Bay, and Pacific Grove tends to attract billowing fog on summer afternoons, we also installed two fireplaces to ward off the chill on those days, and of course, to lend a cozy atmosphere.

Historical records show that when new in 1902, our building housed "The Grove Soda Works" but about a year later, it housed a barber shop.
According to research, Pacific Grove boasts more Victorian homes per capita, than any other city in America. Below, you will see some of those charming examples of Victorian architecture, along with other attractions.

You, our dear friends and clients have been very much a part of this building project from the very beginning. It is extremely important to us that you, as our friends, and as doll collectors, experience an enjoyable time the instant you walk through our door. We want you to know that you were in the front of our minds relating to many of our decisions concerning this project, and we hope to earn a rave review.
We are extremely thankful for, and very proud of our accomplishment so far, and we cannot wait to extend a warm welcome to you all.

Michael and David

Please see the Google Map below to help you plan your trip to our shop
on the beautiful Monterey Penninsula.

As dog lovers, we cannot live without the company of our canine companions. In fact, three English Bulldogs come to work with us every day.
o meet Broughlin, the oldest and furriest canine member of the Carmel Doll Shop team and to see what adventures he has been up to, please click on the photo at right.
We hope to have pictures of Annabelle and Louie, our three-year old sister and brother bullies, on here real soon.

Now, more about Carmel Doll Shop
and Michael and David's accomplishments during their nearly twenty-five years in business.

In 2011, the UFDC Award of Excellence for Contributions to DOLL NEWS was presented to the publication’s volunteer editors, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, who insisted that they accept the honor on behalf of the entire DOLL NEWS editorial team.

"During their tenure as editors of DOLL NEWS, UFDC has seen the splendid and exciting changes the two have brought to the magazine. At once colorful and informative, it reflects not only their desire to educate us, but also to entertain on a grand scale. Michael and David bring an air of elegance to everything they do for UFDC, and their transformation of our journal has been no exception. We are surprised and delighted four times each year with their ability to line up wonderful writers and photographers, and miraculously, they deliver the results of that glorious work to us well under their budget. We are proud to show off and share this most informative and polished magazine that they have developed. The two deserve this award for their great achievement. Because of the combined creative efforts of Michael and David and their staff, our journal is the best doll magazine we can have in our possession."

Click on the Doll News covers above to peruse
The Letters to the Editors



Michael and David are founding members of the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group.
An excerpt from Doll News, Fall 2005...
"...the Award for Exhibit of Dolls was bestowed on two members from Region 2-North this year, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, whose standard of excellence is legendary. An exhibit of dolls for the purpose of study and appreciation can require years of planning. In conjunction with the 2004 UFDC convention, this year's honorees
mounted a magnificent exhibit of French fashion dolls, accessories, clothing and furniture at the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City. The dolls for the exhibit at the museum were gathered from many collectors around the United States, and after the exhibit closed, the nominees traveled around the country again to return them to their owners. The honorees have presented many seminars, exhibits and special programs at UFDC conventions, conferences and doll clubs."







Miss Rose Percy was born in England in the year 1861 and shortly thereafter was imported to America. It could easily be stated that, today, she is the most significant doll in American history.

THE ROSE PERCY PROJECT, named for that very important doll, was established in 2010 by Michael Canadas and David Robinson to aid in the protection and preservation of historic Civil War artifacts that relate to dolls and other items from childhood. With that preface, it is understood that the primary asset of the foundation is Rose Percy herself.  The goal of the foundation is to not only share Rose Percy with interested parties, but also to reveal and expand upon her remarkable record of charitable service to the United States of America.
The new mission that has been designed for Rose Percy is not unlike her first, which was to help raise funds for worthwhile causes.  Primarily, funds earned by Rose and her events will be earmarked for veterans of wars, with a special emphasis on soldiers who have suffered brain injuries, and the resulting mental health issues that may accompany them. Rose will also work to help other charitable institutions such as protective services for women and children, food banks, holiday toy drives; actually any charitable cause that helps make the world a better place.
We at Carmel Doll Shop are proud of our not only our affiliation with this most hardworking of dolls, but also of what we have been able to achieve since the first day Rose Percy has been in our care. On top of many other responsibilities in the past year, Michael and David also wrote a book about Rose Percy and her fascinating history. The cover of Rose Percy, Duty’s Most Faithful Child is illustrated above.
With Rose as the star attraction, the UFDC club, the Carmel Doll & Toy Study Group hosted a fundraising luncheon in San Jose, California in May of 2011. The turnout was tremendous, and the very exciting day resulted in donations from the generous attendees that exceeded $25,000 when matching donations from several organizations were factored in. The day also marked the debut of the Rose Percy book, which acted as the event’s souvenir. Thank you to all who were in attendance.

Please visit ROSEPERCY.ORG to learn about upcoming Rose Percy charitable events in your area.

Additional information concerning Rose Percy can be found in the Winter 2011 issue of the UFDC publication DOLL NEWS.

A singular challenge, and one we are very proud to have met, is the Souvenir Journal that we designed and edited for the UFDC's 57th National Convention that was held in Dallas, Texas in 2006.
Inspired by the convention's theme "Tell Me A Story" we asked guest authors to contribute doll-related stories with one stipulation – all were required to begin with the words "Once upon a time...." Our writer friends did not disappoint and our journal was met with great enthusiasm by the UFDC membership.

Many of our close friends and clients are aware of our association with the peerless recording artist, director, and Academy Award-winning film star, Barbra Streisand. Those who have learned of our friendship also know that not only is Ms. Streisand an antique doll and dollhouse collector, but that we at Carmel Doll Shop have been privileged to work with her in order to help her collection grow.

Over the past few years, during our many visits to Barbra's Malibu property, we witnessed her latest labor of love take shape from the ground up, and that is her beautiful new home, The Barn. Barbra shares accounts of the design and construction of the monumental building project in her recently released book, My Passion for Design, which is a work of art in itself. In the book, Barbra takes the reader on a private tour, and along the way shares commentary that is delivered from a very intimate point of view. We are especially honored to have been included in the book in the chapter entitled Bee's Doll Shop, the one that obviously concerns her doll and dollhouse collection.

Barbra writes:

"I have two doll buddies, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, who own the Carmel Doll Shop, where I buy lots of things. The three of us have gone on shopping trips everywhere from Pasadena to Paris, where they've taken me to meet other dealers who work out of their homes. Sometimes I'll buy a doll with a great face and a great history, but her clothes will be ruined. Then, Michael, who is the best doll couturier around, will whip up a gorgeous outfit for her with delicate pin tucks and ruching."

"Michael and David come over every so often, and we work on my dollhouses. It's the perfect pastime for someone like me who loves decorating rooms because I can keep going even though I've run out of real rooms to decorate...."

In the beginning of her book Barbra shares -- "My whole life, in a sense, has been a search for beauty...." We are pleased, and relieved, that at the end of her lovely work, our dear friend writes -- "I am very grateful for all that has been given to me. All that's left to do now is to be in the moment...and enjoy it."

Thank you, Barbra, for your kindnesses, which have been countless.

Additionally, we are honored to be included in the publication "The Specialty Shop," a book by author Dorothy Finell.
In her very informative and idea-inspiring work she writes:
"The Carmel Doll Shop is a world of enchantment, like walking into a dollhouse filled with antique dolls, dollhouses and doll clothes. The other-worldly ambience of the shop is enhanced by unique displays, that interwoven with one another, produce a world of magic in this niche business."



Carmel Doll Shop advertises regularly in the United Federation of Doll Club's Doll News magazine, where readers can enjoy articles from Michael's collecting perspective. Do not miss the other interesting research articles which appear from time to time.



Above is a very small sampling of some of the marvelous dolls that have passed through the door of
Carmel Doll Shop

It is our goal to offer here on these pages, antique dolls and assorted merchandise that will inspire and delight you. We hope to earn your confidence. We understand your time is valuable...we want you to enjoy your visits here. In order for you to visit often, we realize that we must keep the site up-to-date, freshly stocked and looking its best. That is our pledge.
We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

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When visiting the Central Coast region of California, please include Carmel Doll Shop in your plans. The Monterey Peninsula is located two hours south of San Francisco and five and one-half hours north of Los Angeles.

Due to our recent move to our new location in Pacific Grove, we are currently not open for walk-in business while we take care of some remaining details.
We are open by appointment only.
Please watch our magazine advertisements, or visit this site, for news.

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